On rêve à Paris!

We're back after what seemed a dream in Paris. Back home, back to our mountains and back to our sweet pups. Our time there was so magical, it will always hold a special place in my heart. There was something unique about this trip, it felt so genuine yet so surreal all the time. If anything, I think Kenny finally got to experience the France that I've loved since I was a little girl and that french charm I dare say, has taken a special place in his heart as well. We planned for a week in Paris, we'd talked about visiting Belgium maybe Germany, but Kenny insisted we stay in my France, because really, it's Paris and where else would I really want to be but there? Bless his heart!

        The moment we reached Boston and our Air France gate, it hit me. The whole crew was of course french, and I would lie if I said it didn't make my trip that they spoke English to everyone around but only French to me... that  french charm, gets me every time. The 8 hour journey seemed like a breeze (although the later jetlag didn't!). We contacted our Airbnb host (in French again) and off we went to the 16eme arrondissement where our little apartment awaited for us! There's something about these European cities that just takes you, no matter who you are. They are fascinating to the eye and the soul. And of all, Paris is just breathtaking in so many ways. As the taxi driver took us closer the the 16eme we were both surprised at the location where it was leading us. Paris is painfully expensive and in previous trips we'd stay in the outer skirts, so this location surprised us both. Once we where there, we discovered the little Rue de l'Annonciation which would be home for the next 10 days. The cutest stoned alleyway led to flower shops, terrace cafes, boulangeries and a local market with the sweetest strawberries I've ever eaten. In the middle of it all, there it was, an old wooden door- so fitting. That was us. The four floors, with no "lift" made us sweat every single time, but our previous market "achats" (buys) more than made up for it. That and the friendly "bonjour madame" from the locals. Because they were all locals, and all so nice to us, no grumpy French this trip. This is exactly what I tried to show Kenny before. It is such a different feeling when you live amongst them, in their type lifestyle, because every people has that feel to their lifestyle, and we love discovering it. 

There were so many wonderful things to this trip. I felt so grateful for the doors opened to me from an education in French (from all things, french!) thankful for the friendships I've developed from it, amazed at the opportunity to be there, you know, actually there, in those places I'm always dreaming on, thankful for the parents who always carried and supported my dreams, because what if I didn't have this? I find such joy from it and I have them to thank for giving it to me. And above all,  grateful for the man by my side, because to be in love in Paris really is something. But to have someone who no matter where you are, how different everything feels, or how far away from "your normal" you are, to always find in him home is undescribable. We are each others home. And to have that, to have him and to share with him this tiny portion of my world, to think of sharing it with our bebes, that really is the sweetest of all. Oh Paris, you have stolen our hearts once more, I love you, I really do. I guess it really is like they say... Paris is always a good idea.



These pictures were taken in Montmartre by Julien. It was such a magical rainy day, he showed us around and captured the charm of his quartier, I'll post some more about it later. Thanks so much Julien!


Je t'aime Cups <3


With the holidays coming up and the cold weather outside all I feel like doing lately is staying in, cuddling to my boys and watching movies while sipping on hot cocoa & crafting. Last night we had Dave and Tash over for craft night and Halo for the boys, we ended up ordering pizza and watching Lord of the Rings too (we're so excited for The Hobbit!) Here's a very simple but super cute craft that is also perfect for this hot cocoa days!


-2 porcelain mugs - I found mine at my local Dollar Store!
- Porcelain pens (mines from Michaels) + Pencil
-Cookie Sheet (optional)
How to:

This really is as simple as it gets. I wanted His + Hers inspired cups so I decided splitting "Je t'aime a jamais" (I'll love you forever) between the two cups. Practice your design in a white piece of paper and then to feel more confident about it, mark your design or writing on your cup with a pencil (that way you don't have to worry about being off centered).

I used Porcelain Pens, regular Sharpies work too but you can't run them through the dishwasher (I used a coupon from Michael's and each pen turned out to be only $2.00) After you're done with your design place your cups on a cookie sheet and bake for 25 min at 350 F.

Et voila... I loved how mine turned out! Here's to many nights (and mornings) filled with hot chocolate and craftiness!


Girls Vegas Weekend Getaway

in which we ate 100% of the time...

Meet my cute little sister in law, Sammy- boy I love this girl. I feel so grateful to have such an amazing family, seriously I'm one lucky girl. Last weekend Sam and went on a little weekend getaway to Vegas and it was beyond perfect. We did everything a girly weekend in Vegas should include: mani and pedis, room service, shopping, sleeping in, pool time, Cirque du Soleil and of course visited Pawn Stars- no luck meeting them though!  

It was super fun to have some girl time and just relax. We had a list of things we wanted to do and we laughed our heads off when we realized 90% of the list was food! ha. And indeed if I could label this trip it would probably be something like "food coma", lol. We stayed at the Cosmopolitan (thanks to husband who always finds amazing deals) and loved every bit of our stay. If you haven't visited the Cosmo, you should add it to your own list- that and its a-mazing Buffet!

Vegas as usual was charming, there's something about this city I just love. It just seems like the perfect  place for a getaway but still has a very familiar feel that almost makes it feel like home to me- I have Kenny to thank for that! And how could I not love the sporadic run into french or portuguese speaking people? perfect combo I tell ya!

Here's for girly weekends and awesome sisters to share them with!


A weekend in L.A.- @ PaliHotel

Last weekend (already?) we took a quick trip to L.A. for an appointment at the Brazilian consulate-turns out there's only one in L.A. and another in NYC, so to L.A. we went with a quick detour in Vegas. It was all very last minute, bought plane tickets to L.A. Friday night, drove to Vegas Saturday morning and literally booked our hotel 10 min before our plane left Las Vegas! (this boy has turned me into an adventurer, there we were an hour before we landed in L.A with no hotel and I felt just fine). It was my first time in L.A.-because I don't count that one time when I was 7, and we were both really excited to enjoy the city. With the extensive amount of time we put into researching hotels, lol, we were actually quite pleased with our lil' PaliHotel, (which we found through booking.com- always a life saver!).

We went mostly of its amazing location, it is right in the center of Melrose Avenue in the shopping district and just within walking distance of amazing food and even better shopping (if that's even possible). The hotel had a very contemporary boutique like style and amazing deco, which I just absolutely loved. Our room was for some reason inspired by shades of green (green carpet, couch, bedding and walls) and although I was not a huge fan of the green carpet and dark walls, I have to admit it ended up growing on me. Funny thing is sometimes it kind of felt like we were on a scary movie, you know in one of those motels were you well ... get killed! haha. This was specially true at night, mostly because the walls in the hallways were also very dark and that combined with the interesting art in the walls and mostly the creepy/cool green curtains that served as passages from the hallways to the lobby, seriously made it feel like we were on an Alfred Hitchcock movie! ha. Anyway the view at night from our panoramic window was awesome and the little restaurant next door made me want to stay forever! If you're ever in L.A. and feel like trying a unique place, definitely stay at PaliHotel!


Recipe Monday!

Bonjour mes amies!

Hope your Father's Day weekend was great and all the papas in your life got super pampered! This weekend was a busy one for us trying to get as much work done before we head to Mexico later this week (waaah I'm so so excited!) and celebrating father's day! On Saturday we went father's day gift hunting and later that night we had a fun get together with my grandparents to watch a boxing match (which was completed with a whole bunch of mexican soda - the best! and grilled tacos! thanks to my sweet chef husband)

We spent our Sunday at home and with our sweet Armstrong Papa. I'd been having the biggest sweet cravings for days and I finally just couldn't resist so for breakfast I treated ourselves to some German Pancakes! (more myself than Kenny, what's with husband eating less than me?) He had his with strawberries and syrup and I had mine the only way I know: smothered in Nutella, ahhh....

Here's the (super easy) 15 min recipe I use to sweeten up your Monday!


1/2 cup all-purpose flour
1/2 cup milk
2 eggs
1/8 cup butter
Pinch of cinnamon
Pinch of salt


Preheat oven to 425 degrees.
Mix flour, milk, eggs, cinnamon and salt.
Melt the butter in your baking dish.
Pour the batter into your prepared baking dish and bake for 10-12 min (or until edges have puffed and are golden brown).

--->Serve with warm syrup, powder sugar and strawberries or have the classic Nutella special! ;) (options are endless!)

P.S. Just had to throw a picture of the wooden spoons I scored this weekend- loving neons in my kitchen! Also, mental note: smiley faces and pink bread make me extra giddy! Love the weekend! 

Happy Monday everyone!


Provo's Farmers Market

Saturdays are easily my favorite day of the week, we get to wake up late, watch TV, go on walks and I get husband for myself all day long! Yesterday we woke up without any set plans (the best saturdays always start like that!), we drank some tea, got ready and then headed to the Farmers Market. Lemme tell you, if you haven't been to your local Farmers Market you really, really have to give it a try! I love how unique they can be- even if they're quite small I always find something to fall in love with! I've always had this thing for local markets, there's a charm to them that just gets to me. In France getting myself lost in those charming little markets was one of favorite Monday and weekend activities!. And yesterday was no exception, I got a gorgeous flower bouquet (for a killer half price!), a white milk glass vase , some yummy bread, freshly squeezed lemonade to share with my blue eyed boy and some other treats that just kept me giddy all day long! I ended breaking up the bouquet and put together a couple arrangements for the living room and kitchen! Happy girl over here! :D

Here's to many more Saturday mornings filled with Farmers Market awesomeness!

P.S. I got all these pretty flowers + a vase for a grand total of $7! who wants to come next weekend?


If you're going to San Francisco: what to do?

Husband and I had planned for our Memorial weekend to be a calm weekend at home. Saturday we spent most of the day inside, cuddled up under a blanket to a rainy day outside. Come 8 o' clock we opened a package we'd been excitingly waiting for: our world map! We plan on pinning all the places we've been to together and apart (red for me, blue for him, yellow together). All the sudden that calm weekend idea didn't seem too exciting. Conversation over our hot chocolate started: "Remember Morocco?" so glad we did that, "oh and remember when we sneaked to Ibiza?", "I miss Mexico" "I want to take you to Alaska". And then: "should we go on a road trip?" now? "yeah, like right now. Let's pack and take off", hmmm and the dogs? "they're coming too!".

And that's how our calm weekend at home became our crazy weekend in San Francisco! (bless your heart world map!) We packed, did laundry (lazy weekend, remember?) and were ready to leave on a 12 hr ride with 2 dogs and our sweet friend Jaymus! We only spent an afternoon in the city and then breakfast and some walking around the next morning before we headed back, but it seemed like we were there for longer! It was crazy and spontaneous and wonderful and filled with yummy fried food! lol. It was an adventure by itself to travel with 2 dogs but thankfully next to France, San Francisco is as pet friendly as it gets- and those two had us stopped every block! We stayed at the Monaco Hotel and I think I loved it even more than the one in SLC. We strolled around the city, Golden Gate Bridge and Pier 39- oh how I love Pier 39, so pretty, yummy food, good shopping and entertainment. At night Kenny and I went in search of Persian food but instead ended up getting some wonderful pizza! - the best way to end our day! So long San Fran, hope to see you again soon!

P.S. All and all a wonderful weekend with a mix of relax and adventure. Oh and we got to cross off another one off our Bucket List!

Hope your Memorial day weekend was wonderful!